POWDERWorks facial exfoliant was developed for people with sensitive skin. FINALLY, there is a product that when used, doesn't burn or irritate your face!
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Experts Warn Against Harsh Irritants In Cosmetics

Experts warn consumers about alpha hydroxy, glycolic, lactic, malic, citric, tartaric, beta hydroxy and salicylic acids which all contain properties that can be irritating to some skin types especially those with sensitive skin.

Some consumers can use these various acid based products having little or no reaction at all from them. Others with sensitive skin can be instantly affected with burning, redness, itchiness and irritation. Experts warn against these harsh irritants which contain acids that will over-stimulate oil production, increase dryness, cause breakouts and even destroy the skin’s integrity by breaking down its protective barrier. Cosmetic ingredients can sometimes cause problems for the skin too, even if one cannot feel the resulting irritation right away. Countless skincare experts and doctors have written hundreds of articles warning consumers that these acid based products can cause damage to the healthy skin which is below the dead skin. Sometimes as you exfoliate with chemically based products, oftentimes your face will burn afterwards causing irritation and a red face. Experts say there is a reason for this. The meaning of exfoliation is to remove the old dead skin so that the new healthy skin is revealed making your complexion bright, clear and radiant. So why would you want to exfoliate with harsh products if the result could be a red painful irritated face?

Using an acid free exfoliant that contains zero chemicals will allow your new skin underneath to be protected and nourished while removing the dead unwanted skin on top. POWDERWorks all natural facial exfoliant promises a safe exfoliation with zero side effects. No burning, no redness, no uncomfortable tingling. The results are amazing and your face will be left soft, smooth and radiant after just one use of this one of a kind product. POWDERWorks works wonders on the neck and décolletage. The skin on your neck is thinner than that on your face and requires a mild exfoliation. POWDERWorks formulation is so safe and gentle, that is works beautifully on the neck rolling away the unwanted dry flaky skin to reveal a soft smooth skin that you will love. Use POWDERWorks exfoliant on your décolletage and notice the glances you will get. Put your beautiful face forward with POWDERWorks!

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