POWDERWorks facial exfoliant was developed for people with sensitive skin. FINALLY, there is a product that when used, doesn't burn or irritate your face!
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Beauty Tricks For Flaky Skin

Flaky skin is a common skin condition which is more than anything aggravating to control.  Commonly affected areas for flaky skin are most usually the eyebrows, creases of the nose, lips and behind the ears. Dry flaky skin sometimes comes from seasonal changes, fatigue, stress or from products containing alcohol or other harsh chemicals.  POWDERWorks facial exfoliant only contains 5 simple acid free ingredients which can help relieve flaky skin by gently rolling it away. POWDERWorks exfoliant contains Aloe. This powerful ingredient often known as an antiseptic agent – has been reported help comfort dry flaky skin with it’s powerful properties.

Aloe has great healing qualities and has been reported for thousands of years as a major help in treating many skin conditions. Since POWDERWorks contains Aloe, this exfoliant quickly goes to work in soothing irritated skin. As POWDERWorks is massaged onto the skin, it gently loosens the dead flaky dry scales and safely rolls them away while nourishing the skin underneath to protect against more dryness. POWDERWorks contains not only Aloe but also Vitamin E to protect the skin as it naturally rejuvenates itself. Get rid of flaky skin safely with POWDERWorks.

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