POWDERWorks facial exfoliant was developed for people with sensitive skin. FINALLY, there is a product that when used, doesn't burn or irritate your face!
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Scrub Cleanser

POWDERWorks® can be used as a scrub for your body also. Just shake some powder onto your favorite cleanser and watch the powder work!

The Powder Works!

As our tagline says, the safest way to healthy skin. Tired of all the burning stinging side effects of most exfoliants, we were searching for a safe way to obtain healthy clear skin. POWDERWorks® is the dream of skincare. Fun to use and easy to pack, you can have beautiful skin everywhere and everyday!

Our Special Formula

Clinically tested & gentle enough for all skin types. Achieve smooth, soft glowing skin from a totally safe and nourishing skincare product. Only 5 simple all natural ingredients: calcium carbonate, calcium magnesium carbonate, mixed tocopherols, aloe, hydrolyzed collagen.

What People Think

People love the power of POWDERWorks and what it does to their skin. Here is what our fans have to say!

"Absolutely Love Powderworks! It came to me in a gift and I can't get enough of this miracle powder! My face feels and looks ten years younger. Thank you!"

Tammy B, El Dorado AR

I used Powderworks as a body scrub right after a workout and my skin feels amazing! This is the BEST product! Thank you!

Christine R, Tyler TX

"Working as a medical professional, I realize the importance of keeping your skin PH balanced & only using natural ingredients on your skin. POWDERWorks is both, it avoids both break outs and dry skin. It is wonderful and the only exfoliator I will use."

Debra Abrigg

“A good friend uses POWDERWORKS and encouraged me to try it. I have used powdered exfoliants before which slightly burned my face so I was very reluctant on trying another one. She literally made me try it and she was right! This product did not burn or irritate my face in any way!! In fact, it is wonderful to use-so different than all the rest and my face looks and feels so smooth and glowing. I just purchased my first shaker and will be back for more! Thanks for such a super find!”

Eliza S.
Los Angles, CA

“I’ve had eczema all my life and I have always had trouble finding something that would actually clear up the eczema. The first time I tried POWDERWorks on my breakout areas it cleared up. My breakout areas were dry, red and puffy. The next morning when I woke up my skin was as soft as its EVER been! I recommend that everyone try POWDERWorks!”

Jefferson, GA

“For years I have had a problem with seborrheic dermatitis in the nasal folds and between my eyebrows. Steroid creme helps to control it but the dermatologist cautions against too frequent use. Using POWDERWorks twice a week controls it to the point that I only need the steroid creme once or twice a month. I’m a huge fan of POWDERWorks."

Jackson, TN

“I love using POWDERWorks because it is really the only thing that calms my rosacea down. It makes my skin less inflamed and leaves my face with a creamy, more even tone. I gave my mother a can, and she swears by it. Thanks for the miracle!"”

Atlanta, GA

“I love, love, love POWDERWorks! My skin is so smooth and feels so nourished. I am using this product not only on my face but on the back of my hands too! What an amazing difference! It is wonderful! NO irritation! Thank you for such a terrific product!”

Marilyn T.

“SO…how did I like PowderWorks facial exfoliant??? For about a half second, I felt like I was using Soft Scrub on my face, but it quickly felt gentle and not gritty or abrasive. It was fun to use and rinsed off beautifully. My skin instantly looked glowing and poreless. Wowza!!!”

Diva Debbi Beauty Blog

“I am so happy I found Powderworks! I have been searching for a product that won't burn my face off the minute I use it and Powderworks FEELS GREAT! It is gentle enough to use everyday and I love the compliments I get on how great my skin looks!”

Erin B
Fort Worth, Texas

"The power of Powderworks has been phenomenal for both me and my clients. For decades as a makeup artist I have always used an exfoliant but by far this product takes the cake. I use it after cleansing my skin 2 to 3 times a week in the morning as part of my skincare regime. Powderworks leaves my face feeling young again. My makeup always has that special glow after using Powderworks.”

Beth Ann Taratoot
Atlanta, GA

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